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Network Requirment

Knowing how to design a computer network is not always easy. Everything from the position of the router in a signal chain to the number of computers in the network will affect the best flow of information within an organization.

Computer Security Vulnerabilities

Sharing files and software is vital to your clients’ businesses. Protecting their data is an integral part of daily operations. No matter what the design, an unencrypted network connection and outdated software leaves the network vulnerable to malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets and spam

Tools for Security

Software security tools help users find architectural weaknesses and stay up to date with reliable data tracking and measuring. At Office Plus , we combine web protection with managed antivirus, mail protection, patch management and backup to offer clients complete protection from every network security angle, delivering comprehensive web security, web filtering and bandwidth monitoring.

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Sizing the Network

Have a clear idea of your network’s expected size, considering its number of users and their intensity of use. Be sure to plan for future growth by building in lots of extra capacity from the beginning


The first step to designing a network is to understand your organization’s needs, and based on it, you can decide the right technology. It’s always a good idea to do thorough research before you get down to working.


If you think you’re done after designing and building the network, you cannot be any further from the truth. You’ll have to constantly monitor the network even to know if your design is right! Also, you’ll need more visibility into the network, especially if your organization has demands for virtualization and advanced network-intensive applications..

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